A Nation in Motion: Orthopaedic Patient Stories and Resources

Your condition. Your story. Orthopaedic care is a journey thousands of people embark on each day. Hear directly from other patients about what the experience is like and leave your own story.

  • Justin Sydloski

    Multiple corrective surgeries for fractures

    Justin Sydloski

    Middleville, Michigan, United StatesMultiple corrective surgeries for fractures by Dr. Michelle Caird

    Due to my care I am able to participate in fun physical activities with my friends and family.

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  • June Hyjek

    Spinal fusion

    June Hyjek

    Sun City Center, Florida, United StatesAnkle Tendonitis, Biceps Tendon Rupture, Carpal Tunnel, Degenerative Spine, Elbow Fracture, Foot Fracture, Hand Cartilage Damage, Knee Cartilage Damage, Meniscus Tear or Injury, Morton’s Neuroma, Neck and Spine, Rotator Cuff Tear, Scoliosis, Wrist ArthritisSpinal fusion by Dr. Alexander Mohr

    Because of my orthopaedic care, I am able to keep spinning! There are definitely things I can no longer do, but sometimes that just leaves the door open to find something new to enjoy!

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  • Keri Clarbull

    Finger amputation resulting from a flesh-eating ba...

    Keri Clarbull

    Houston, Texas, United StatesWrist and HandFinger amputation resulting from a flesh-eating bacteria.

    This horrific experience really opened my eyes to my relationship with God. I don’t take anything for granted anymore. And because I was so loved by so many people during that time I see myself doing and giving to perfect strangers in ways I never had.
    I sent out a thank you card to everyone involved in my recovery and helping my family during that time. And I "wrote" thank you notes. The fact that I could pick up a pen and write – it was so beautiful. - Keri Clarbull, finger amputation, age 48 from Houston, Texas

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  • Matthew Hayes

    Fracture repair for multiple fractures

    Matthew Hayes

    Spring, Texas, United StatesArm Fracture, Arm Sprain, Wrist FractureFracture repair for multiple fractures by Cristy

    Because of my orthopedic care, I know that setbacks can make you stronger in a lot of ways. Thanks again, Dr. J!

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  • Susan Sandock

    bilateral arthroplasty and physical therapy

    Susan Sandock

    Mishawaka, Indiana, United StatesHip Arthritisbilateral arthroplasty and physical therapy by Dr. Steve Mitros

    I can sit cross legged in the indian position again
    I can walk without pain to the mailbox
    I am not HANGING on to the grocery cart any longer

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  • Craig Obren

    Left Hip Replacement

    Craig Obren

    Mishawaka, Indiana, United StatesHip Cartilage DamageLeft Hip Replacement

    "I can do whatever my mind, and body allows me to do, now that I'm 100 percent pain-free! - Craig Obren, left hip replacement surgery, age 49 from Mishawaka, Indiana

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  • Carter



    Amherst, New HampshireBone Cancer, Osteosarcoma/Ewing’s SarcomaRotationplasty by Dr. Mark Gephardt

    Because of my orthopaedic care, I can be active.

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  • Brian Burke

    Brian Burke

    Milton, MassachusettsKneeDr. Mininder Kocher

    Because of my orthopaedic care, I can play baseball again.

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  • Andrea Marx

    ACL repair using the hamstring, stitched meniscus

    Andrea Marx

    Dover, Massachusetts, United StatesKneeACL repair using the hamstring, stitched meniscus

    Because of my orthopaedic care, I was able to return to playing sports.

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  • Beth Franzese

    Both hips replaced

    Beth Franzese

    New York, New York, United StatesCervical Disc Herniation, HipBoth hips replaced by Dr. Michael Alexiades

    I can dance, row a rowboat, kayak, garden and do my work. I can lift fairly heavy things and I can almost do a split!

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  • Chuck Cooper

    Bilateral knee replacement (arthroplasty)

    Chuck Cooper

    Longmont, Colorado, United StatesKnee ArthritisBilateral knee replacement (arthroplasty) by C. Brian Blackwood, MD

    Because of my orthopaedic care I can climb “14ers” again – mountain peaks that exceed 14,000 feet. There are 54 in my home state of Colorado. After my two knee replacements I chose to climb Mount Evans (35 miles west of Denver, near Idaho Springs in the Arapaho and Pike national forests) at 14,265 feet on Sept. 2, 2013. I did this just 14 weeks after my second surgery, with my good friend and climbing partner Ken, and our wives.

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  • Samantha Melanson

    A total hip replacement (hip arthroplasty). Hip re...

    Samantha Melanson

    Medford, Massachusetts, United StatesHip FractureA total hip replacement (hip arthroplasty). Hip replacements are rare in children and adolescents because the procedure involves the use of an orthopaedic device created for adults. However, in my case, Dr. Smith determined that my bones were done forming, and that I was tall enough for an adult joint. by Dr. Eric Smith

    Within the year I was once again playing softball in the city youth league, on the summer travel team and fall ball team. I pitched a no-hitter softball game and brought the game ball to Dr. Smith.

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  • Spinal fusion L2-S1- Franci Cherney

    Spinal fusion L2-S1

    Spinal fusion L2-S1- Franci Cherney

    Buffalo Grove, Illinois, United StatesDegenerative SpineSpinal fusion L2-S1 by Dr. Steven Mardjetko

    Because of my orthopedic care, I have no pain and am able to live a full life - exercising, dancing and walking in nature.

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  • Robyn Benincasa

    Hip Implant

    Robyn Benincasa

    San Diego, CaliforniaHip, Hip ArthritisHip Implant by Thomas Schmalzried, MD

    Because of my orthopaedic care, I can return to being a world champion adventure racer, San Diego City firefighter and motivational speaker.

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  • Gregory Bullock

    Bi-lateral knee replacement

    Gregory Bullock

    New Egypt, New Jersey, United StatesKnee ArthritisBi-lateral knee replacement by Roy Mittman

    Bicycle long distances and bicycle up big mountains ...

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  • Julie Story

    Ankle reset; External fixator; Surgery (3 plates a...

    Julie Story

    Indian Harbour Beach, Florida, United StatesAnkle FractureAnkle reset; External fixator; Surgery (3 plates and 17 screws) by Dr. Daniel N. Segina

    Because of the miracles worked by my orthopedic surgeon, I am able to: Walk again, operate and enjoy time on boats, swim, travel, ride motorcycles, skydive, snorkel, scuba dive, and when time and weather permits, I am ready to hit the snow ski slopes and put on my water ski!

    Life is good! 

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