Balancing the direct and indirect costs of treating musculoskeletal disorders

Musculoskeletal (MSK) disorders can result in pain, loss of active lifestyles and decline in mental health. Patients who experience these injuries must decide what treatment option will work for them, both financially and physically.

And, patients are not the only ones affected by these injuries — there is a cost and a benefit to society for each treatment.  Researchers from IHS Global Inc. and KNG Health Consulting are working to uncover the costs and savings of common procedures and services, such as total knee replacement or ACL reconstruction surgery.

This information — the indirect economic impact, combined with the patient’s quality of life and the direct medical costs — is needed to fully understand the net value of treatment options available. The results of these value studies provide a more comprehensive picture of the value of orthopaedic treatment, enabling patients and their families to further weigh all factors when determining which course of treatment is best.

AAOS Economy Infographic

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