I became an orthopaedic surgeon because...

…of the influence of my Father, Dr. J. George Furey, an Orthopedic Surgeon in Cleveland, Ohio. During my teens, I frequently accompanied my dad to the hospital on weekends. While in college, I spent the summers working in his office as an assistant. I was moved by his skill and knowledge as a surgeon, but equally impressed by the kindness and compassion he displayed towards all his patients. His ability to help people who were in such great need, while treating them in such an unassuming and sincere fashion had a dramatic effect on me at a very impressionable time in my life.

What is the most rewarding part of being an orthopaedic surgeon?

I am privileged to offer care to my patients at times when they are in greatest need. Spine surgery is immensely challenging, but when performed with the appropriate indications and with the skill gained from appropriate training and experience, it can dramatically help individuals with a variety of disabling conditions.

As a surgeon in an academic setting, I am able to teach and mentor Orthopedic Fellows and Residents, as well as Medical Students who will go on to serve their own patients. It is tremendously gratifying to watch physicians in training progress in their pursuit of a career in orthopaedics.

What do you like to do in your free time?

I value time spent with my wife Meg (a Nurse Practitioner) and my two sons, George (age 10) and Eamonn (age 6). Coaching their Rec League baseball teams is great fun and quite rewarding. On vacation, we like to explore, hike, swim and play golf.

In what volunteer activities or efforts do you engage that mean the most to you and those you serve?

I am a Board Member of United Cerebral Palsy (UCP) of Cleveland, Ohio. This large, non-profit organization offers many services to children and adults with a variety of neurologic and musculoskeletal challenges. In particular, therapy services of UCP helps children with profound physical obstacles develop the ability to walk and become self-sufficient. To assist these children and their families in even a small way is tremendously inspirational and rewarding.