I became an orthopaedic surgeon because...

I went to medical school to become an orthopedic surgeon. From my first visit to the orthopaedics office – I was fascinated by the musculoskeletal system. I wanted to do something that excited me each day – I have never looked back! I enjoy the challenges of orthopaedics and the uniqueness of each patient’s injury. Orthopaedics is always changing and always striving to be better to keep our patients active and able to enjoy life.

What is the most rewarding part of being an orthopaedic surgeon?

The most rewarding aspect of being an Orthopaedic Surgeon is allowing my patients to stay active. Whether it is simply reassuring them that their injury will improve with time, sending them to physical therapy or having to perform a surgery – my goal is to restore their quality of life.

What do you like to do in your free time?

In my free time I love to participate in lots of sports. I am an avid runner and have completed many marathons. My husband and 3 daughters are all very active. We spend most weekends on the soccer and lacrosse fields or in the hockey rink. We snowboard in the winter and love to boogie board in the summer. Just recently 13 members of our sports medicine team at work participated in the Tough Mudder.

In what volunteer activities or efforts do you engage that mean the most to you and those you serve?

I have volunteered my time in the community and on a national level. I have provided pre-participation physicals to underserved student-athletes in the Boston area. I have served as a team physician for local high schools and college teams, as well as US Soccer and US Women’s Ice Hockey.