Ortho-pinion Submission Guidelines:

  • When submitting, please upload your column, title, full name, hometown, and a photo.
  • All columns should be written in fewer than 800 words.
  • Submissions should have a light and friendly tone. If the topic is quite serious, the tone may not be light, but rather, should be direct, but compassionate. Please see samples of published Ortho-pinions.
  • Please remember that your audience is a curious patient or neighbor. This is targeted to the public, not the Academy’s membership, so write in the same way you would as if speaking to the person who cuts your hair.
  • The columns should not contain marketing references to your practice or recommend any one kind of treatment or product. If any content is deemed too promotional, this content may be rejected or eliminated by our editorial panel.
  • Choose a topic that comes up in practice, life or medicine that reiterates the well-roundedness and the different specialties within orthopaedics. We want to illustrate the many-dimensions of the people, like you, who make up the specialty of orthopaedics.

Thank you. We look forward to hearing your insights.