I started running as a junior in high school back in the ’70s. Prior to that, I was born with flat feet. Tennis shoes were not designed for female runners and there were few distance runners. I started experiencing pain that year and ended up with my first knee surgery (before scopes) on my right knee. I was placed in a full leg cast for several months with no follow up or no therapy. I was told to “do what you can tolerate,” so I went back to running as soon as possible. Two years later, I had the same surgery on my other knee and two years after that both scoped. My right knee had a total of six scopes with one partial meniscectomy before I no longer could have them.

At age 49 and I was having trouble straightening my right leg and I had a lot of pain. Orthopaedic surgeon said I needed a knee replacement. I waited until I hit 50 years old to have it done. I stayed in the hospital overnight and was back to work with 115 degrees of flex in 2 weeks. I was also able to ride a bike at the YMCA and needed only 4 total physical therapy visits. My right knee has been feeling great with few down sides. Of course, told not to run any more. I’ve recently had some “giving out” issues that my doctor blamed on my limited running so working at trying to figure out what is going on in the leg right now but it still is so much better than all the pain I dealt with for several years before the replacement. My other knee will need it eventually but holding off because it isn’t hurting enough yet.


You'll feel so much better once you're done - just get moving.

My Second First

Because of my orthopaedic care, I can bike ride, walk, squats, be very active.


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