I have always had problems with my knees since I can remember. The military hospital gave me exercises to do when I was in middle school instead of participating in physical education because my knees would give out while running, jumping, squating, etc. Whenever I stepped on something while walking it would make my knee give way and I would end up on the floor. I have always had pain in my knees and I was told that it was the beginning stages of arthritis. So, I came to accept the pain and treat my knees with tender loving care by always watching where I was walking and how I was moving. Last year my right knee became stiff and I could not bend it for a few days and then I could not put any weight on it at all so I went to the emergency room. It was there that I was told that I had no cartilage and would need a knee replacement. I was referred to the El Paso Orthopaedic Surgery Group by my boss, so that is where I went. They took x-rays of both my knees and said that I needed total knee replacements on both knees. So we made arrangements for the right one that had given out on me and I had it replaced on February 3, 2015. Within a few weeks I was walking much better and I am soooooo thrilled to have had this done and am looking forward to having the left one done. Thank you Dr. Luis Urrea II!! I love my new knee and will be seeing you soon for the next one.

My treatment and recovery

All of the nurses and doctors were very helpful and explained each thing they were doing. I was never scared or uncomfortable. Of course, there is pain while recovering, but, it is all worth it. I can now walk with my right knee and don’t have to worry about falling. I am still careful with my left one until it gets replaced.


If you need to have orthopaedic surgery I suggest you go for it. It will pay off in the long run. Be patient and do all exercises told to.

My Second First

Because of orthopaedic care I can lift my grandson without fear of my knee giving out.


Share your patient story. How did orthopaedic care help you?

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