I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis (RA) in my early teens. Throughout my life, I consistently had severe knee pain. I lived with this pain for over 40 years. I have had several arthroscopic knee surgeries and injections but nothing would release the pain. I started using canes and walkers. By the age 50, the pain was so severe that I started losing mobility to live a full, active life and sadly, I became dependent on a wheel chair.
After many years of being denied surgery due to my young age or the doctors saying there was no hope because a surgery would not benefit me, Dr. Michael George agreed to knee replacements.

My treatment and recovery

I had both total knees replacment done within a few months apart. I was able to walk without any type of equipment one month after my second knee was done. I have total motion in both knees, and when people see me are amazed I walk better today than I did all those years before.


Make sure you do everything your therapist asks you to do. When you leave the hospital continue daily exercising.

My Second First

I now have my life back!! I am no longer confined to a wheelchair and enjoy the freedom of walking around the house, driving a vehicle, and playing with my grandchildren.
-Vicki Cross-Grigsby, knee replacment surgery, Age 54 from Houston, Texas


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