I had suffered some minor knee injuries in high school playing football and basketball, but nothing major until I was 32 and tore my ACL playing basketball. I had the reconstruction and did the rehab. Twenty years later, that left knee finally deteriorated to the point that I needed a total knee replacement. Four years after that my right knee had also degenerated to the point of needing a total knee replacement.

My treatment and recovery

Dr. Mitros performed both of my total knee replacements. I was amazed at how effective the pain management protocol was for both. The fact that he had refined the technique in between the two surgeries was nothing short of astounding. With the first surgery I was bearing weight and walking with a walker the next morning. After the second surgery I was walking with the walker within hours after the surgery. Two days in the hospital for both surgeries before returning home. A two week in-home care and rehab was followed by another 5-6 weeks of outpatient rehab both times. No complications whatsoever with either surgery.

Dr. Mitros was patient in answering all of my questions before and after the surgeries. He was firm with me and the limitations I needed when it was needed. He was encouraging and supportive the entire time. I would rate his bedside manner far superior to other surgeons I have had care for me.


Listen to your doctor and your rehab therapist. Follow your pain management protocol religiously. Be patient and do the rehab prescribed.

My Second First

I have been able to return to coaching our high school girls cross country and track teams without needing a cane for balance and support or without dragging a chair around to meets in order to have a place to sit.


Share your patient story. How did orthopaedic care help you?

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