I had pain my knees for years. I went to the pool in my community 5 days a week which help me maintain flexibility. I have always been self conscious about my weight and have not been successful in maintaining weight loss and really felt that my knee pain was my fault. Finally, I retired and there was a trip I wanted to go on and I knew I would be unable to do the amount of walking that was required to have a good time. That was the event that made me decide to pursue joint replacement of both knees.

My treatment and recovery

I had recently retired from a healthcare career and knew the importance of being an active participant in my care. I was very appreciative of the preoperative precautions Dr. Whiddon ordered for my safety – MRSA screen, dental exam, CHG wipes, medical clearance, and the use of regional anesthesia etc. I was also confident in my surgeon’s skills because of his excellent reputation within the medical community.

Post-operatively, I tried to use pain medications to assist with early and frequent ambulation. I considered this to be “my work”.

I had inpatient physical therapy while in the hospital and began outpatient therapy 2 days after discharge. After my second surgery, I began using a stationary bike on day of discharge. I completed PT in 4 weeks (3X week) and had 120-130 degrees of flexion at the time of discharge.

I used a rolling walker for about 7-10 days after each surgery. The physical therapist recommended transitioning to a cane but I did not do well using the cane and my balance and walking were pretty good without the cane. I resumed driving in about 2 weeks since I was not taking any narcotic medications by then.

Recovery was hard work but I was very pleased with the outcomes. I can now walk without pain and am able to walk distances without difficulty.

I am 4.5 months out on my right knee and 3 months out on my left. I have continued to go to the pool 5 days a week and I go to the gym to work on maintaining my flexibility and building my endurance.

Although I put off the surgery until I was classified as “end stage arthritis” and had lots of pain for quite a long time, I had the surgery at the right time for me – when I was ready.


Be an active partner
Exercise before surgery.
You won't hurt the implant.
Manage your pain.
Do "Heel-Toe" walking.
Work on quad strength

My Second First

I went on vacation and walked around the lake and took the trail to the peaceful waterfalls! My knees work well and they don't hurt!


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  1. Susan Mojaverian

    You go Doris!

  2. Deidre Rozier

    Hi Doris. I’m having my first TKR done next week, and hope to have the other knee done ASAP. What excersises did you do prior to surgery, and after, etc… and what other advice can
    you offer? Thank you!!

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