I had been dealing with the chronic knee pain from arthritis for several years. I was debilitated to the point of almost total inactivity. Every decision I made was based on how much walking was involved. Synvisc injections did not help and a physical therapy regimen only made things worse. Dr. Essis told me the only other option was a total knee replacement.

My treatment and recovery

The surgery was not a picnic but pain management was made a priority. I knew this pain could be managed and would be ending, that is what makes the difference. I worked hard with the physical therapist during my sessions and did all the exercises that were recommended between my therapy sessions. I returned to office work fulltime within 5 weeks. When my therapy ended I transitioned to working with a trainer at the gym 2-3 times a week. I am 3 months out at this point and able to ride bike and walk all day at amusement parks with my grandchildren. I have lost 25 lbs just because of being able to be physically active again.


Do not miss any opportunity to do your therapy and your exercises! Do not let yourself get into the cycle of doing less because of the pain.

My Second First

I feel as if I have been given a new life by AOL. I view them as my heroes! I no longer have to make decisions about what I can and cannot do depending how much walking is involved in the activity.


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