Four years ago, when I was 10 years old, I slipped and broke my hip while playing on wet grass. I first had surgery to fix my hip and had to remain in a wheelchair the entire summer. I slowly started to get better but a few months later it started to get worse. Eventually, I wasn’t able to go to school or participate in any activities like softball which I loved. I also had to take narcotic pain medication to minimize the excruciating pain which caused me to be tired and unable to concentrate.

My treatment and recovery

The surgery was a success. I was able to return to school without a wheelchair and participate in almost all activities I previously did. Within weeks I was also able to get back on the softball field. At first it was difficult but I knew that I worked hard before to be a good pitcher and maybe if I tried even harder I could be a better pitcher. I don’t know if I am a better pitcher but I will continue to work hard because it is what I love to do.


You have to have determination. I believe if you really want something and stay focused on what you want it is possible.

My Second First

Within the year I was once again playing softball in the city youth league, on the summer travel team and fall ball team. I pitched a no-hitter softball game and brought the game ball to Dr. Smith.


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