Six years ago, I came to the realization that I needed a hip replacement for my left hip. Although I was not in pain, I had extreme difficulty in walking because my torso was shifted to the left to accommodate my hip arthritis.

My treatment and recovery

Going through the surgery and recovery was very easy for me because I was in excellent physical condition before my surgery. I worked out regularly for a few months before my surgery, walking, biking and swimming. After the surgery, my rehab went very well. My physical therapist thought that my recovery would take a long time, but I followed her instructions diligently and did my exercises at home, riding a stationery bike and swimming as soon as I was able. It took me around six months to get back to full strength. Although I’m 62, I’m still playing full court basketball with the young guys at our local university, three times a week.


Exercise as much as possible before your surgery. If you're not in good shape before your surgery, your recovery will take much longer. Don't expect your physical therapist to magically heal you. You have to do all of the exercises that you're supposed to do.

My Second First

I don't think there's anything that I can do for the first time, but I'm doing everything better than I was doing before my surgery!


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