Because of my orthopaedic care, I can sit straight in my chair. I can attend school comfortable sitting in my classroom without my teachers or paraprofessional saying Ketrina “sit up” like before. Now I am no longer leaning to the side and I don’t have to worry about my scoliosis getting worse and can be free of other health problems that are in contact with scoliosis. Because of my scoliosis surgery I can move forward to live a normal life without looking like an “S.”

Before my scoliosis surgery I had a 90 degree curved spine “S”. I didn’t want anymore surgery but I would have had to deal with the pain naturally. I was afraid to show people my spine and tell them what was wrong and was sad about the side affects. Now I’m not afraid to “show my body off” with the successful job that Dr. Green did. Sometimes I ask myself if I still have scoliosis because you can’t even tell that I had surgery done on my spine if I don’t tell you. It has been a successful journey and I can’t stop telling Dr. Green thank you for all he has done and still continue doing for me.

My surgery took almost nine hours. What can you say about that? Amazing right? I only took pain medicine for one week. I never really had pain. It was really just my spasms that is controlled by my disability Cerebral Palsy (CP). My scar was healed in 3 weeks and that’s how long I stayed in rehab. I was then sent back home and returned to school right away.

I am strong and happy living my normal life with many dreams because of Dr. Green. I will never hesitate to recommend anyone to Dr. Green because of his positive attitude. I will always remember Dr. Green because he always says “take care of your scoliosis while you are young!”

It was a challenging discussion for me and my family to make, but it turned out for the better. Dr. Green continues to thank me and my family for taking fast actions with my journey with scoliosis. Hope you enjoy my story.

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My Second First

Because of my orthopaedic care, I can sit straight in my chair.


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