Because of my orthopaedic care, I can pick up heavy binders at work and best of all pick up my grandbabies!

I have had problems with my right shoulder for about 4 years. I twisted a manual can opener a little to hard and something in my shoulder snapped. It got to where I couldn’t lift my arm very high or hold objects of any weight with that hand.

It started to hurt at night keeping me awake. I made an appointment with Dr. Coyner. We tried therapy first, by it wasn’t helping at all. Surgery was scheduled to repair my shoulder. She had to repair my torn rotator cuff, clipped the frayed bicep tendon and shaved down a bone that was rubbing against another. When I went back for my post op visit, I was able to move my arm better then anyone expected. With therapy I feel like I have my shoulder back. Picking up my grandbabies is a breeze now! I had some heavy binders that I worked from and I was able to pick them up with ease.

I can’t thank Dr. Coyner enough for giving back the the ability to do these things. I know my grandbabies are happy that grandma can pick them up now. Just wanted to let you know that Dr. Coyner and her staff were so nice to my family at my appointments and at the hospital. My grandchildren just love her! I will and have recommended Dr. Coyner to friends I know that have knee, should or ankle problems.

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My Second First

Because of my orthopaedic care, I can pick up heavy binders at work and best of all pick up my grandbabies!


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  1. Deepak


    i once fell down in winters on ice and had a huge pain in my shoulder, which i applied bengay and after 3 days it didnt pain me, however in the summers, when i started playing, i can notice sharp pain and can’t throw any thing with my right shoulder.

    Please suggest what should be done now.

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