At the time of my surgery, I was a new college student. I had previously ran track and cross country while in high school. I got to a point where my knee pain was so bad, I could no longer run. My knee would get so swollen that putting on pants would be difficult. Thank God I was recommended to Montefiore Medical Center Orthopedics in the Bronx, where I had the opportunity to meet Dr. Eric Fornari. He made me and my mother feel very comfortable and took away any fear that we had with regards to having a knee procedure. Like I mentioned in the beginning, I was a new college student and I was scared to miss classes, not knowing how I would feel after the procedure. I could thankfully say that I went back to school 4 days later with crutches and a leg brace. I followed Dr.Fornari’s instructions of completing physical therapy and was able to start running again, which is my passion. I have also been able to complete the P90X and Insanity fitness programs. I thank God for Dr.Fornari and his expertise. He is truly a phenomenal doctor. I have recommended him and will continue to do so. My mother is also eternally grateful for him and has recommended him to her patients, friends, and family members who have had any orthopaedic problems.

My treatment and recovery

Prior to surgery I had received cortisone shots and physical therapy. After the surgery I did physical therapy. Following surgery physical therapy was intense and painful but in the long run it got me back to better than I was. After orthopaedic care, I was able to run even better than before because I no longer had pain or inflammation. Without the procedure, there was no way I would have been able to continue to run. My condition was getting progressively worse before I had the procedure done. Anti-inflammatory drugs, cortisone shots and physical therapy before the procedure were not helping me. It took me approximately 6 weeks to be fully back to normal after having the procedure.

My Second First

Because of my orthopedic care, I can run again! I was able to complete the p90x and insanity fitness programs!


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