Because of my orthopaedic care, I can be a volleyball champion.

When I was 12, my left hip began giving me a lot of trouble. I was a volleyball player and had also just finished dancing in a musical so I just thought I had pulled a muscle. After volleyball season was long over and the musical I was in finished production, my hip still hurt.

In just a few weeks I found it hard to walk and I had lost a lot of the range of motion that I used to take for granted. I very quickly developed a limp. My mom is a nurse with Novant Health in Gaffney but she works in Critical Care so she did not know much about orthopedic problems.

She took me to see a doctor that she knew from the hospital, Dr. Frank Phillips in Gaffney SC. With one x-ray he diagnosed my problem and immediately put me in a wheelchair. I had surgery 3 days later to put a screw in my hip. I can honestly say that immediately after surgery, I had less pain than I had before the surgery.

I was in a wheelchair or on crutches for the next 12 weeks with no residual pain at all. I recovered quickly, was able to begin playing volleyball again just 4 months after surgery and my team won the division championship and I won the Coaches Choice Award and the Academic Award for having all A’s while on the team. My team mates think it was because of my “bionic leg”. I think they may be right. My family is very grateful to Dr. Phillips for correcting my problem and returning my ability to participate in all the things that I love. I just had my one year check-up and I am fine now…..and I am almost 5’9″……..

My Second First

Because of my orthopaedic care, I can be a volleyball champion.


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