Because of my orthopaedic care I can: This is a testimonial as described by the family: Reva was 6 years old and she was jumping on the bed, and displaced her patella. Parents took her to Schneider’s ER and they x-rayed and they said it was nothing, just ice it and giver her Motrin. They did that, but nothing helped. Parents let a few days pass, thinking it would be ok, but nothing helped. They went back to emergency room, and they took another x-ray. They were told the same thing. After another week, there was still no improvement. So they went to NYU. And right away, they knew something was wrong. They put her in a brace, but since it wasn’t braced right away, bracing didn’t work and it just made her stiffer. Since the fall, she was in tremendous pain and couldn’t really move around. She was braced for two months, but it didn’t work. Finally they found Dr. Frances, who looked at Reva, and finally something was done. Dr. Frances performed a four-hour surgery and prescribed physical therapy for a couple of months. Now Reva is fine and pain free. She can do everything and is doing great. Dr. Frances was a blessing, was so good with it, and took such great care of her. Every doctor should be like her.

My Second First

Because of my orthopaedic care, I can live a pain free childhood!


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