I had cadaver plug femur surgery in December 2017, Due to Osteonecrosis of the femur bone.

Osteonecrosis caused by microfractures in the femur from lack of cartilage. I thought it was “old age” and toughed it out for about 2 years.

Finally, I went to a doctor to find out that the lack of cartilage was due to my lifestyle; 17 years of football through college, wrestling, Olympic lifting, marathon training and coaching high school sports for 23 years.

I’m currently rehabbing and hopeful my life can get back to my normal, physically fit life!

Blessed to have fantastic doctor.

My treatment and recovery

I am still in the process of rehabbing from my surgery in December but I am moving along fairly well. I am off crutches I can lift very lightweights and I’ve just been allowed to use an elliptical and ride a bike on flat surfaces.

I was very lucky to have excellent physical therapists who knew what I needed to be doing. They were tough but encouraging and I am ahead of schedule partially due to their abilities.

Before surgery, I struggled to walk up and down stairs, was unable to lift weights, or ride a bike for almost 2 years!
In a few months, I should be back to living the kind of active lifestyle that I’m used to.


Follow through with your physical therapy, have a good attitude about it, realize that we’re blessed to be living in a time where the science behind the therapy has been proven and tested on others!

My Second First

I’ll be able to mountain bike and travel to the Rocky Mountains and the Sedona area of Arizona...trips that I’ve had to postpone because I could barely walk let alone enjoy myself on my bike!

I’m a football coach and for the last few years I’ve struggled to be able to show my players some of the things that I want them to be able to do again. In a few months I’ll be able to be a better coach and I hope kids again!


Share your patient story. How did orthopaedic care help you?

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