Because of my orthopaedic care, I can again practice competitive judo, perform fitness and strength training, as well as a variety of western equine disciplines, such as reining, roping, cutting and working cowhorse, to include training of unbroken horses. I am once again able to perform all necessary chores around the house and farm, which had become very cumbersome before my shoulder replacement. The vibration of small engines like chainsaws, weed-eaters and push mowers caused unbearable shoulder pain after a short time. Now I can clear miles of fence line myself, cut wood and split it with an ax.

Caused by a severe fall on my right shoulder in my early teenage years, my shoulder was severely damaged by osteoarthritis by the time I reached 45 years of age. Both sides of the joint were profoundly worn. The range of motion was very limited, and large bone spurs were present on the x-rays. While I steadily exercised to remain in good physical shape, my shoulder deteriorated further and further.

Before my surgery, life was a drag. I was unable to enjoy the activities I like so much. My shoulder ached constantly, yet I minimized the use of pain pills, because of the known side effects. As a result, I spent many nights tossing and turning and getting out of bed, taking another Tylenol to be able to sleep. I work as an engineer in research and development at Lockheed Martin. Over time, I felt my performance at work declining, caused by fatigue and inability to concentrate.

Since my surgery, I can sleep on either shoulder without a problem and get up fully rested and my performance at work has vastly improved. Recently I received a Global Excellence Award for exceptional performance. This is a very prestigious award, only very few of the 120,000 employees at Lockheed Martin receive it. I am also on the mat at least twice a week, sparing with judo athletes half my age.

I owe so much to Dr. MoskaI. Surgery went exactly as planned, and I progressed well in rehab. I performed physical therapy exercises exactly as prescribed and continued them far past the point where most discontinue. From the start I had greater expectations than most, and decided to apply my willpower to achieving the best possible results. At two years post-surgery, I believe my operated shoulder is restored to 100% of the functionality, strength and range of motion it had before the onset of arthritis.

I feel that my whole life started over with my age reset to 25. The improvement in the quality of my life is beyond imagination. (I try not to exaggerate.) No more pain pills of any sort and no soreness! I am particularly glad that I have no restrictions in the use of my shoulder. This is due to the type of shoulder replacement Dr. Moskal performed, which is called non-prosthetic glenoid arthroplasty, also referred to as “ream and run” procedure.

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My Second First

Because of my orthopaedic care, I can again practice competitive judo, perform fitness and strength training, as well as a variety of western equine disciplines.


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