I worked an office job for 33 yrs and did not lead an active lifestyle as far as hiking, running, biking, or other regular exercise programs. After retirement I did the normal household and yard work. Then at the age of 64 I discovered that my right knee was getting painful and keeping me from enjoying normal activities and going to places that required walking. After consulting with an Orthopaedic doctor I was told I needed a total knee replacement. On Nov 11, 2015 I had surgery, then homecare with PT and nurses visits. After two weeks, I was able to travel to local Physical Therapy facility to continue my journey to recovery. This surgery gave me the freedom to travel to Hawaii to visit family and hike to the top of Diamond Head on Oahu in March, 2016 with no discomfort in my right knee.

My treatment and recovery

From the moment I woke from surgery, I did not have any great amount of pain. After staying overnight in the hospital I returned home and was able to get around the house without much assistance in regards to a wheelchair or cane. For 2 weeks I received in home care and then onto outpatient PT sessions. I did outpatient PT for a month, then was able to go to Florida for a month with an exercise plan to do on my own.


Keep active and push thru the pain.

My Second First

I am able to be more active and do enjoy new experiences


Share your patient story. How did orthopaedic care help you?

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