I have been battling degenerative joint disease for 3 years and only since then started ballet late as an adult now 38 years old to figure out my anatomy of strength. I have gone on to have two major surgeries including a robotic assisted total hip arthroplasty and continued to defy my disease and limitations by performing acrobatic feats.

Thanks to the engineering science to improve the human condition, along with my prehabilitation efforts to maximise the potential out of this new type of surgery, I have gone beyond the realms of known medical science with both a fast recovery and immense gains of strength.

With 30k followers on social media anticipating my journey I feel I owe it to them and others in the throes of surgical intervention to give them hope that they can work around the odds set against us, and come up with surprising results. The promise of that delivery is in my indiegogo campaign my fans drove to 30% funded in little over a week. I’m on a personal mission and dance for my fans in this fine art cyber-tech inspired dance film of bionic ballerina – Humana. Here is the link to my project: http://igg.me/at/humana

My treatment and recovery

My surgeon told me to train for surgery as though I was training for a marathon. Not to overwork my muscles, but to build up strength wherever possible and keep on stretching. I believe prehab was the key to my fast recovery.

I was able to walk unassisted after a week. But I kept my walker around me for safety for about a month. I returned to ballet in 3 months.


Build up strength wherever possible around your disability. It gives you a positive mindset.

My Second First

Because of advanced robotic assisted surgery, I am now a bionic ballerina!


Share your patient story. How did orthopaedic care help you?

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