I had my first knee surgery in 2012. I could hardly put weight on my leg, and I had tried many conservative measures with my orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Frogameni. The surgery turned out great. I did the prescribed physical therapy and have had no trouble with that knee since. When I had the first surgery, my surgeon told me that my right knee was bone on bone, also. I heard what he was saying, but I did not have pain in that knee. Fast forward 5 years and I finally had surgery on my right knee. I should have had the surgery before I did, because I had a lot of pain prior to the surgery. The surgery again went great last July. I have gone on walks, walked barefoot in the sand on our recent vacation, and climbed many stairs where before I would have needed an elevator. I now can (somewhat) keep up with my 21 year old twins and husband. They lovingly call me bionic! I am so glad that I took the step 6 years ago and then last July to be free of my knee pain and to rediscover what I had stopped doing because of the pain!

My treatment and recovery

The first surgery was on my left knee. I went through PT for about 6 weeks. It hurt at first, but I could tell that it was really helping. I was able to drive after 3-4 weeks. I actually went to my sons’ soccer tournament about a week after the surgery. I waited too long to have my right knee done. I would need to stand and stretch the knee out before I could take a step. I had my right knee done in July, 2017. I did PT at the same facility for about 6 weeks and got along really well. The therapist was great. He quizzed me daily on what I was eating, and whether I was drinking enough water. He encouraged me to try things that I thought I could not do yet. With the first knee, I was in the hospital for 4 days. I liked this, because my pain medication was monitored and adjusted to a lower quantity. The second surgery was on a Tuesday, and I was released the next afternoon. I felt like this was too soon. I had more anxiety about being home too soon. The knee took longer to feel better, and I could not drive for about 6 weeks. Now, I am so happy that I had them both done. I am back to doing activities that I have not done for a long time, like golfing!


I would suggest to others that they don't wait too long to have surgery. I was not afraid of it, but I did not want to take the time to do it. It seemed to be an inconvenience of my time so I kept putting it off. I wish I would have done it sooner!

My Second First

Since my surgeries, I have been able to walk without limping. I can go up and down stairs. I can golf. Instead of watching my family do activities, I can join them. We have vacationed where we snorkeled, walked in the sand, and got on and off boats! I love my new life!


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