I was informed that my right shoulder was bone on bone with bone spurs. I had some limitations with that arm for some time. My right shoulder began to give me more problems in the form of pain and restricted movement or loud and uncomfortable clicking as I tried to extend it. PT was attempted but without any improvement. So I was offered the two choices of living with it or surgery.

My treatment and recovery

Surgery and the single overnight stay went well. I was not in pain and felt fine. I did the few exercises I was given until I got the okay for PT after 2 weeks. The PT is challenging but not hurtful and I can already feel improvement at 23 days since surgery.


Buy an ice water therapy system. Ossur makes one. Reduces swelling, pain and feels great.
Use stool softners. The antibiotics will bind.

My Second First

Not there yet but anticipate being able to swim again, hang clothes without switching arms, and feel free to do more activities.


Share your patient story. How did orthopaedic care help you?

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