Started with pseudo gout at age of 29. Swollen hot painful joints and really no cure. Raising 4 children was sometimes almost impossible. My body creates these crystals of gout (crystals not diamonds!) inherited from my Dads family. Every day was a challenge but I fought to move on. By 63 I had to have two knee replacements on the same day. After 8 wks of therapy and pain, I finally had knees that didn’t pain 24/7. While this is not the best way–neither of my knees would support the other. Frightened but at my wit’s end I said LET’S GO! At last knees that were achy but no pain! Then I got hit with rheumatoid arthritis to add new pain. I still did all my own housework and chores in between OTC pain tabs. Going on in life 3 yrs ago I kept losing my balance and again with pain learned I needed a hip replacement. Believe it or not, I was walking with a walker 3 hrs later I don’t know if I’d be alive if not for my ortho doctors. While I can’t ChaCha anymore I appreciate every day. I walk a little crooked, get tired easily, ache a lot but am so grateful.

My treatment and recovery

With my knees, it took extra long because pseudo gout attacked the surgery but after 8 wks I was fairly able to do mostly everything slowly.

For my achilles, I was put in a nursing home for 4 wks for therapy. Again for side effects from gout.

For my hip, I went home and had therapy 3 times a week.


Just hang in there and get it done. I swore at times I would never walk again but I do. A little slower, a little wobbly and aches but a trillion times better than it was.

My Second First

I can move, vacuum, mop floors, shop etc. Everything is to a lesser degree but I do it.


Share your patient story. How did orthopaedic care help you?

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