Because of my orthopaedic care I can walk, stand, drive, do steps and in general just enjoy life, especially my grandson.

In 1998 I was having trouble getting in and out of chairs and cars, walking, climbing stairs and very discouraged with my pain. Enter Dr. Rothacker. He told me my hip was bone on bone and had to be replaced. He thought I was too young at the time, but I reminded him that my quality of life was the pits. He replaced my right hip and from the very first day I was pain free. My hip replacement is now 14 years old and was just X-rayed and is still looking great. Unbelievable, but true.

In 1999 my left knee was giving me pain and walking became a real challenge. Back to Dr. Rothacker. I had a total knee replacement and after some therapy, I was walking without a limp and on my new treadmill.

In 2003 I was on a trip to the Dominican Republic and fell and tore my right rotator cuff. I did not go to the hospital or doctor until I got home. I was in a lot of pain but did not want to have surgery in a strange country. A nurse in our group made a sling for me and it helped relieve the pain. When I returned home, I immediately called my favorite surgeon, Dr. Rothacker. He operated to repair the rotator. I was an unhappy camper to say the least. I was right handed and I had to learn to brush my teeth and hair left handed, not an easy feat, until my dormant arm was released from captivity. After therapy I regained full range of motion in that arm and shoulder. I was once again a happy person.

In 2005 I was experiencing pain in my left shoulder. I couldn’t reach above my head or behind my back without pain. Pulling or lifting anything bothered me. Doing my hair and sleeping became impossible. So back to my parts man, Dr. Rothacker. He told me it was bone on bone and had to be replaced. It went much easier than I anticipated. After surgery and therapy I regained full range of motion in record time. Now I am thinking this doctor is a genius, and I was right. Now it helped that I listened and did my exercises faithfully, but it was faster healing than I would have imagined.

In 2010 I was having trouble walking and bending and climbing stairs. I was very sure of what was happening and sure enough my parts man said it was bone on bone. Now this left knee replacement was much faster in healing and with a much smaller scar, it also required much less therapy. Remember it is 14 years later than when my right knee was replaced.

It is now 2012 and I do not have pain in any of these joints that were replaced. That is a miracle because I fell four times in the last year. I am not a clutz, just silly falls like missing the last step on the ladder, missing the last step going down my basement steps, with my arms full, falling over a tree stump in the woods that was covered with leaves, catching the tip of my sneaker on a raised pavement section. These replacements have taken a beating and are still intact. I will always be fighting osteoarthritis, but I am overcoming the battle with the help of my wonderful doctor and the medicines that are being developed. I am so grateful to Dr. Rothacker for his compassionate nature, wisdom, patience, and skills.

He explained in detail each surgical procedure and what was required after surgery. He has made me a whole person again. My friends call me the “Bionic Woman” but my mobility is so good that I can out-walk most of them. I am mostly pain free and enjoying life. I can do most of my favorite things that I couldn’t do before my surgeries. Enjoying my grandson is the best. My life has been changed for the better and I am so blessed to have this gifted surgeon. Bless you Dr. Rothacker.

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My Second First

Because of my orthopaedic care I can walk, stand, drive, do steps and in general just enjoy life, especially my grandson.


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  1. Sandy

    I am 63 and live in Australia. I had my right hip replaced six months ago and now due to have a total left shoulder replacement in a couple of months. I am also noticing grinding in my right shoulder probably due to over-use because it’s doing most of the supporting. Up until this year I have been relatively fit but I am now worried about how much more damage the osteoarthritis will cause and how much having multiple joint replacements will affect my life. Reading about Caroline’s experiences have made me feel there is still a reasonably healthy and useful life ahead of me. I also have a young grandson and at the moment it is quite painful just to get down and play him which has been very frustrating for me. But now I feel more optimistic. I just wonder what the long term affect all this will have on my health and longevity.

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