Hello, I am Mrs. Mrs. Ngozi Tagbo from Nigeria. Due to an accident, my legs were severely affected. The mobility in my legs below the knees was impacted. that had started interfering with my daily activities. I was very concerned. How was I ever going to take care of my family! After treatment in Nigeria failed to produce the desirable results, I began to despair. I still did not regain full mobility. However, the lack of proper basic medical amenities across my native country forced me to search for better medical services and care abroad.

My treatment and recovery

My husband and sister accompanied me throughout this journey. Once I arrived in India, We met Dr. Jayant Arora best joint replacement surgeon Delhi India who was very kind and made us feel comfortable. Dr. Jayant Arora ordered additional tests. Based on the results of those tests, he could clearly observe where the damage was and how to fix that. Then he explained to me the plan of the treatment. He had a case study for a similar patient who had undergone similar treatment plan and had recovered 100% mobility in his legs – that is the patient had regained complete mobility that he had prior to the accident. So far so good. So, I decided to undergo the treatment. He explained what to expect before, during and post surgery. My surgery went well. The people I have been treated by including the top joint replacement surgeon in India, the nursing staff, etc. have been delightful. I am very conscious of the efforts to make me stay happy. Dr. Jayant Arora has been very encouraging and a patient-friendly surgeon I have ever encountered. My recovery went smoothly as per expectation.


Pillows for elevation of the lower leg, bedside commode or urinal if the bathroom isn’t accessible, bed that isn’t too high

My Second First

Because of my knee replacement surgery, I can take care of my family.


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