As I move on to college I want to recognize the role that Dr. Jafarnia and his staff have played in my life for almost a decade.
I’ve always loved football. It’s the only sport I ever wanted to play despite my small size – from youth Pop Warner football to my high school varsity team. It was always very competitive and sometimes a challenge with my size. I had a number of sprains, bruises and breaks over the years.
The first one came when I was a small Bronco. It was a “both bone forearm fracture” – not just ONE forearm bone…. BOTH forearm bones.
I was really angry and didn’t like what Dr. Jafarnia was showing me and my parents on the x-ray. But, he knew how much I wanted to get back out there and play and he constantly reassured me that I would be back on the field better than ever. He even gave me examples of professional athletes with similar breaks, and he took a lot of time to answer every question that I had – not just those that my parents had. That was pretty cool.
I was finally back playing. It was the first JV game of the season and took a hard hit. That turned out to be a wrist fracture (buckle fracture according to Dr. J) – and just before the playoffs one season a finger fracture.

My treatment and recovery

I was beginning to think, I’d never complete a season strong and achieve the goals I had set for myself in football. I began running track to improve my speed on the field and just kept working at it. I ALWAYS did my rehab exercises and started using my hands and arms sooner than Dr. J probably liked after a break!

I finally made the Varsity team and senior year was honored to receive the “Best Defensive Back” award. It was a good moment.
I really gave it everything I had in both football and track. I even ended up doing really well in the sport I primarily used to improve my game – and became the only member of the men’s track and field team at my high school to advance to the Regionals at Baylor University senior year.

I look back at the bone breaks and setbacks and know I could have lost spirit. I was fortunate to have a doctor who really made me believe it was no big deal and everything would be fine and back to normal soon. Every time.

I used my experiences to write one of my best essays ever when applying to colleges. I’m pretty sure it played a big role in my college acceptance at Texas Tech University. If I had known this is how my album would look – from pop warner to unexpected success in the long jump – I wouldn’t have worried as much as I did. But, with the help of Dr. J and my family, I always believed such accomplishments could be possible.


I guess my tips to other patients like me would be to just know that this is temporary. If you don't let your injury stop you, it won't.

My Second First

Because of my orthopedic care, I know that setbacks can make you stronger in a lot of ways. Thanks again, Dr. J!


Share your patient story. How did orthopaedic care help you?

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