Because of my orthopaedic care, I can live a life I’m proud of. I can walk, wear heels, dance, ride a bike, in-line skate, go 4-wheeling, run, lift weights and anything I desire.

Dr. Frank Schuler gave me more strength than what I had before. He gave me courage, and the ability to over-come my obstacles because he believed in me. He saved not only my legs but my life!

In 2009 I was in a motor vehicle accident that broke both my femurs, both knees, my right tibia, fibula and ankle. I was also missing 13x8cm muscle and skin, and 8cm of bone from my tibia. I fractured many ribs and also suffered from a stroke. I was an 18 year old high school senior facing amputation, that’s when I truely have my first memory of Dr.Shuler.

He stopped in my hospital room and talked me out of agreeing to amputation on my lower right leg. He made himself late for his plane just to make sure I made the right decision. Dr. Schuler explained my options regarding limb salvage. He coordinated the
plastic surgeons and my therapy to get my leg ready for his

After my many surgeries I was sent to a in-patient rehabilitation center to gain my strength back. I went from bed ridden, to wheel chair, to walker hopping on one leg, to walker using two legs, and finally after nearly a year, no assistance. I went back and forth from hospital to rehab and vice versa for several months before I was able to be sent home. I continued with a personal trainer once I was home along with out patient rehab.

Through the healing process and follow up care Dr. Schuler has been in
my corner. It’s been nearly 4 years and I seem to have gotten a surgery every 6-12 moths since ’09; however, I know I’m in good hands. Dr Schuler is truely like a member of our family.

I have followed him to his new hospital nearly 4 hours away for follow up
appointments and will follow him until the day he retires. I can not
express the gratitude and respect I have for him. He truely has a talent, and I’m living proof. Thank you Doc for all you’ve done for me, you really have saved my life in every way possible.

My Second First

Because of my orthopaedic care, I can live a life I'm proud of.


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