I receive facet joint injections in my spine. I asked my pain management doctor to refer me to someone who could help with my hip and he referred me to an orthopedic surgeon. Their injections really helped. The time finally came to make the decision for a permanent solution to the problem. I went ahead with a total hip replacement. It has been the best decision I could have made.

My treatment and recovery

I had my surgery Feb 27, 2018. The first time I stepped on my new hip it was solid, pain-free and great. My physical therapy was set prior to surgery. I can’t imagine my recovery without the reassurance and guidance of my therapist. According to him, I was right on schedule at every turn. The positive reinforcement kept me going. My therapist gave me his card and told me to call any time, even after my scheduled treatment was complete if I needed help. The attached photos were taken at 9 weeks post surgery. I have comfortably been able to garden, yard work, walking and exercising and drive comfortably at 4 weeks. It is amazing how quickly you bounce back.


Ice is your best friend. Use it often. Be patient with yourself. You cannot hurry the healing process. When your body tells you to take a nap, do it. Your body needs the extra rest to recover. Do your exercises every day. Trust your new hip. It is stronger than you think.

My Second First

Because of my new hip, I can drive my 5 speed again. It had become too painful to engage the clutch but now it is pain-free. I can safely walk our dog now that my hip is stable. Working in the garden is a joy because I can comfortably get on the ground and back up. I now have the strength to clean our pool because I can stand stably and not worry about falling. I can meet friends for coffee and comfortably sit instead of constantly moving to relieve the pressure off my hip. I can stand and shop without constant pain. Standing had become agony until my hip was replaced. Ten minutes was the most I could stand. And to my surprise, I can now turn over in bed without having to plant my foot from the opposite leg to push me over. Such a small thing but truly wonderful.


Share your patient story. How did orthopaedic care help you?

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