Hello, I just wanted to share my story on how my left hip replacement changed my life. I am a Union Local #20 Sheet Metal Worker with 20 years experience. I’ve worked on many big stadiums, high rises, commercial, and houses with ornate metal projects. My hip started hurting 7 years ago. It gradually got worse. I then went to a family doctor 1 year later. The X-ray showed significant arthritis. I was then referred to a specialist. I couldn’t afford to take time off, because my job works with mother nature here in Northern Indiana. I received 2 injections to help my hip, with no relief. I then begun taking Naproxen and 5mg Norco to get me through the pain from work. I had scope surgery in January almost 18 months after my first initial pain appeared. It helped to minimize the pain and I was told after my recovery, I’ll need hip replacement eventually.

My treatment and recovery

I worked another 4 years on Tramadol & Naproxen. I was 3 months into my work season when my hip starting hurting x3. I then worked for another 6-7 months on Naproxen & 60 mg Percocet a day. The last 4 months I needed a walking stick to work. On November 28th I finally had hip replacement surgery. I’m typing this a few days away from my 8th-week post op. The whole procedure was nerve racking, but I iwas very pleased with the different type of pain. I was off any kind of pain relief 4 weeks after surgery. I can walk for miles, play with kids, do house chores, and I just fixed a stove igniter that burned out 4-week post op on Christmas. My life is back!! During those 7 years, I endured pain that I always saw in others, but didn’t realize I was gonna have the same life. The only way to describe it for me, is the pain sucks your soul, the very essence of who you are.


To get checked out as soon as possible, and to prepare body by eating right. I juiced 9 months before procedure. Stay postive in the system.

My Second First

"I can do whatever my mind, and body allows me to do, now that I'm 100 percent pain-free! - Craig Obren, left hip replacement surgery, age 49 from Mishawaka, Indiana


Share your patient story. How did orthopaedic care help you?

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