I have a family history of lots of joint replacements. So when I started having knee pain I wanted to get a jump on it to prolong the use of my own joint.

We thought from my symptoms I had a meniscus tear but was actually just lots of early arthritis.

My treatment and recovery

Surgery was very simple and was home with a couple hours. By the next day I could put light pressure on my leg and walked with the aid of crutches. Within a week I was back to pretty much my normal routine minus exercising

Now I can exercise with no pain, fully bend my knee painlessly, and can utilize stairs without the sharp pain behind my kneecap

So thankful to have this procedure done and it allows me to continue on my healthy journey.


Ice, ice,ice. Do all your physical therapy exercises even after you stop going. Never stop moving

My Second First

Going up and down stairs pain free


Share your patient story. How did orthopaedic care help you?

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