I was injured in a escalator accident at the Las Vegas Airport. After 2 years of seeking relief through physical therapy and injections, I found Dr. Bassewitz. He felt that he could help me and after 2 years I had not been able to walk around the block let alone clean the house or just stand for more than 30 seconds. It has been a year as of November 17, 2014. I can walk 1-2 miles with little problems. I still have small discomfort but nothing like it was. While I am 85 percent better than I was, I am grateful for the relief. I had a spinal fusion with caging in the lumbar area.

My treatment and recovery

The treatment was difficult at first. The therapy recommended was walking a mile per day beginning after the first week. While I could not do a mile all at once, I did 1/4 mile at a time until I could get to the full mile.
I would say that it was 6 months before I could do much but the walking really helped get me going. I still do stretches every day before getting out of bed in the morning and have found that has really helped me.


Just do what the doctor tells you to do. This will speed your recovery.

My Second First

I can now go shopping at the mall, something I was not able to do for over 2 years.


Share your patient story. How did orthopaedic care help you?

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