On February 17 2018 I fell while walking my dog. I hit a patch of ice. I realize by my pain being so bad I couldn’t put weight on my left leg. I slowly hopped home by going through the grass instead of the sidewalk. I used things like trees for support. My dog stayed with me even though I had dropped his leash. Once I got home I tried putting ice on my knee thinking it would be ok. Sitting down was my mistake it took both my husband who has stage 4 internal melanoma cancer and my mom to help me up. I went to the local ER and sat in the waiting room for 6 hours before getting a bed. They took x-rays at check-in. I broke my leg. Well, shattered my lateral tibia bone that supports the leg. The doctor had to do surgery. The next day he had to order hardware for my leg. They put in a plate and 6 screws to support the break and did a bone graft. Today is May 10th and I still can not bear weight on my leg but it is healing. I will be able to walk again we just don’t want to damage it more. The pain is now mostly gone and I am using a walker to hop to places and a wheelchair to get around. I go back to the surgeon on June 6 and the plan is partial weight depending on the x-ray. I am thankful for the doctor because I will be able to walk again.

My treatment and recovery

He helped me by fixing my broken lateral tibia. Part of my tibia was shattered and had to have a bone graft and six screws. My leg is healing and I still can’t walk on it but I will walk again but not until it is fully healed.


Do what they tell you to do. Also don't walk your dog on ice. This could have been prevented if I had ice cleats on.

My Second First

I can bend my leg. I am still having to use a wheelchair and a walker because I can't bear weight on my left leg. If I were to do that too soon I could damage what he fixed.


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