Well, I was just a simple knock-kneed chiropractor for the past 30 years. Mother of three and office manager to our private practice. While I had a family history of my mother needing three hip replacements, I never imagined having arthritic problems myself. Until I did. With only a history of two lumbar disc surgeries, I had always been pretty active although not a gym rat. Both of my knees slowly became symptomatic and swollen and I was told by Andrews Institute maybe six years ago that there was nothing to do but replace. I pushed on through the pain until this year, but the left one especially made me nervous that it would blow at something important like my son’s upcoming wedding. Dr. Michael Hartsfield at Andrews spent the last twenty years doing exclusively knees and many partial replacements, which I heard were controversial. He showed me how I was the perfect candidate for a partial, being knock kneed I have only worn out the lateral half. Surgery was unremarkable, the re-coup was more than I expected, but understand I thought I was penciling it in between a play I was in and a three day weekend. It’s a little more than that. However, I exceeded my PT goals each week, exceeded my ROM expectations with each doctor visit and was back to work at two weeks, albeit slower than my usual self with shorter days. At three months, I am still swollen but in the gym building strength and flexibility each day. Two weeks ago on family vacation, I was able to walk 3, 4, or 5 miles a day and keep up with the rest, just a little slower. Before the replacement, I could hardly walk to the mail box. I would say this is a procedure better suited for retired people, not rushed to get back out quickly and able to take all the prescribed meds because the pain is significant. I will try to wait for my own retirement to replace the other knee, but no regrets. My strongest advice to everyone is work hard at PT, it will be so very worth it.


My strongest advice to everyone is work hard at PT, it will be so very worth it.

My Second First

Walking several miles through the Smokey Mountains on family vacation two months post surgery.


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