I had a total hip replacement in 2004 the week of my 20th wedding anniversary at the age of 53 at Stanford Medical Center. I had the then new mini invasive anterior approach and my surgery was viewed live at the Orthopedic Conference in San Francisco. I recovered quite quickly and have had no problems 13 years later. 5 years post op I fell and had a post tib/fib plateau fracture on the same side as my hip replacement, and suffered no ill effects to the hip and chose the nonsurgical treatment for the fracture and eventually recovered from that orthopedic injury.

I have also had multiple surgeries to both my hands and a scaphoid fracture to my left hand and multiple fractures to my right foot. You could say I am a frequent flyer at the orthopaedic services at Stanford for over 25 plus years. And very recently have been diagnosed with osteoporosis.

My treatment and recovery

Hand issues were tough, most workman’s comp related and problems went on and on for 15 plus years. Getting diagnosed for a hip replacement was tough as workman’s comp kept saying it was just a groin pull. Procedure got cancelled first time for prolonged bleeding time. First couple days were rough but otherwise ok. Post tib/fib plateau fx was terrible as 911 was called and had to go to the local hospital and not Stanford. Admitting doctor would not transfer me, kept me hostage and wanted to do surgery, I refused and he discharged me home with an indwelling catheter, IV, PCA, overmedicated, throwing up, bed bound. I got the nursing supervisor to get order changed and arranged my own transport to Stanford. Non-weight-bearing for 3 months, I could not use crutches due to multiple hand issues…this injury sort of forced me into retirement due to long recovery time.
You could say I was an orthopaedic nightmare.


Research your surgeons/physicians as well as the hospitals and procedures. Make sure you have family or friends to assist you as needed.

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Share your patient story. How did orthopaedic care help you?

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