I was born seventh in my wonderful family of nine children and enjoyed an active life playing with my younger twin sisters and going on to play tennis and doing some cross-country skiing until my late seventies. When I fell once skiing, the hip pain brought about a series of x-rays and two consultations with orthopaedic surgeons. Dr. Steven Mitros was my very wise choice to trust and to follow up on his recommendation for one hip replacement.

After surgery and immediate rehabilitation physical therapy at home thanks to Medicare and insurance, I agreed to host, and very much enjoyed, a trip to Antarctica where I realized I needed, and was ready to face, the replacement of my other hip. Again the surgery by Dr. Mitros and strenuous followup therapy prescribed by him served me well until my left knee replacement became imminent.

Dr. Mitros’ surgery was scheduled for August 6, 2013, followed by home health care, again covered by Medicare and insurance. This allowed me at age 83 to go forward and enjoy a tour of the Normandy beaches in France, along with a climb to the summit of Mont Saint Michele in Western France.

My continued active life with my husband at Andre Place in Notre Dame, Indiana, has been gifted by the professional services of my orthopaedic surgeon and the financial coverage of Medicare and supplemental insurance.

My treatment and recovery

Recovery is time-consuming, somewhat painful, and essential. The pre-operative reviews of my previous bone replacements, x-rays, and the discussion of needed rehabilitation and possibly additional complications at age 82 were explained and were beneficial in making my decision to proceed with surgery on my knee.

My previous successful orthopaedic experiences with two hip replacements by Dr. Mitros were instrumental in deciding to attempt a climb to the summit of Mont Saint Michele in Western France.

My recovery was complete in nine months after my knee replacement.


Take time to heal surgically, but begin physical therapy as directed by the surgeon, and continue it indefinitely, even if it is painful.

My Second First

After a climb to the summit of Mont Saint Michele, I feel physically prepared to climb another mountain and co-host another Notre Dame Alumni trip to any destination because of my excellent orthopaedic care and follow-up therapy prescribed by Dr. Mitros.


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