Several years ago I tripped at work (I’m a college professor), tried to stop my fall with my hand, and wound up shattering my wrist in 6 places. No question I needed orthopaedic surgery to fix my wrist.

My treatment and recovery

Went to an orthopaedic surgeon who was just down the road from my college. The surgeon was recommended by a friend. Initially, I wanted to see if the wrist would mend itself – the surgeon didn’t think so but gave me a few days. After a follow-up visit, he said surgery was the only option and he scheduled surgery within two days.

I was very concerned about how my hand or wrist would look like after surgery but the scar was very small and not noticeable. Had my hand in a cast for several weeks, but I returned to work the following day post surgery and continued teaching. My colleagues and the administration were flabbergasted that I didn’t take several weeks off to recuperate – even the surgeon was surprised and was willing to give me as much time off work as I wanted.

I kept the cast on several weeks and then started physical therapy for several months to gradually rebuild wrist strength and flexibility. It was a slow process but I got the use of my hand back


If an accident occurs - see an orthopaedic specialist immediately. Waiting may actually may make the injury worse and complicate surgery and recovery

My Second First

I've got the use of my hand back. it's not 100% - my strength is not what it once was nor is my wrist flexibility. One side benefit of the pin that was inserted in my wrist is that I can "feel" when the weather is going to change.


Share your patient story. How did orthopaedic care help you?

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