My pain started in my shoulder blade for months then excruciating pain if I lifted my left arm. My regular doctor asked me to wait another month to see if the pain would subside which only increased! Eventually, I couldn’t use that arm at all without sharp pain. I begged for an MRI or X-Ray. X-Ray then MRI showed I had a frozen rotator cuff tear. I was authorized to see a ortho specialist, given a shot of cortisone and then weeks of physical therapy. The therapist trained me on which exercises and movements would help me and eventually with their help, I fully recovered! I am so thankful for their skills and dedication.

My treatment and recovery

Treatment was every other day till I got my arm to move better. The movement increased every week. It took about a month and a half to feel better. I struggled at my job every day as a bookkeeper and at home doing the simplest cleaning or laundry chores. I feared losing my job so I did my best with one arm working.


Make sure you go to therapy and listen and learn from them. They know what they are doing.

My Second First

I can finally fold laundry, cook dinner,clean the house and more importantly do my bookkeeping job!


Share your patient story. How did orthopaedic care help you?

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