In 2006 a licenseless driver hit my husband and I head on – the dashboard clipped the top of my left knee so hard that it drove my femur back ripping the ball of my femur completely off and shattering both the top and bottom of my femur. I was rushed to the only hospital at the time that had the chance of saving my leg. Dr. Michelle Hatherill performed miracles – she put the pieces back together – put the ball back on the top with large screws and along my leg a metal rod. I had a metal immobilizer stuck in my thigh for months and it took a full two years before I was totally weight bearing; however, I am happy to say that I made it and that was only possible by the fine orthopaedic work of my doctor. I once again teach yoga on a mat and I have also taken up chair yoga for those who have issues as I did!

My treatment and recovery

It was a very long recovery as my age (mid 40’s) and my injury were so traumatic. There was a good chance that even after surgery that I might still lose my leg. I spent the next two months in the hospital with minimal rehab then moved to a care facility to start on what became a 2 year event in rehab. First just learning how to get around without the use of my legs – this progressed to minimal weight bearing and finally able to walk with the use of a walker and cane. I was introduced to all modalities of rehab however the one that was the best was water. Doing the exercises in the pool allowed me to recover faster I feel as it helped me get strong without having to bear weight on my leg. I am also a yoga instructor (20+ years) and I feel that this too helped my recovery and I am happy to say I once again teach others both on a mat and in a chair!


Don't give up! No matter the pain, no matter the how much you don't think you will ever be back to normal - you can do it with the help of a good rehab staff and a great surgeon!

My Second First

I was so excited to be able to teach yoga again! It was such a blessing! I was also very happy to be able to drive and just get out on my own!

I had knee surgery to clear out scar tissue in 2017 and it really helped too. I can't run but I can walk miles, play with my grandchildren and enjoy life to it's fullest something that I honestly felt would never happen again.


Share your patient story. How did orthopaedic care help you?

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