Because of my orthopedic care, I can ride a bike and do all exercises.

On Thanksgiving 2010, I dislocated my knee playing kickball with my family out in rural area of Starksville, Mississippi. Paramedics were called immediately and I was eventually transported to Oktibbeha County Hospital. There was no specialist in the area that would take my case due to the severity of it. After spending three days in the hospital researching the injury between meds I asked to be release to seek care with Campbell Clinic.

I was referred to Dr. Frederick Azar by his associate, Dr. Mihalko, at the De Soto County Campbell Clinic Practice. He displayed a sense of care and compassion that was so amazing. After conducting several tests Dr. Azar’s first diagnosis wasn’t very promising; possible amputation. In addition to the dislocated knee with torn ACL and LCL. I also sustained nerve damage in my foot which caused a “foot drop”. He prescribed meds, physical therapy, but most importantly he gave me hope.He strongly advised me to exercise my foot with home PT routine as much as I could stand it and return in two weeks.

In ten days the movement came back in my foot and the rest was uphill from there. I was assigned sixteen weeks of Pre-Op physical therapy. I was re-evaluated in April. After surgery I went through six months of Post PT and finally released. All praises to God, Dr . Azar and the wonderful staff of Campbell Clinic I am back in motion and enjoying life to the fullest.

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My Second First

Because of my orthopedic care, I can ride a bike and do all exercises.


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