My treatment and recovery

I took Janee’ for an orthopaedic consult in December 1990. She was 10 months old. Her feet were badly turned inward. What a beautiful baby girl. Dr. Reznik advised me that she needed to be casted from hip to toe on both legs. The treatment from there would be braces and orthopaedic shoes with a bar between them. I was in shock the entire time.

My husband was working and could not be reached. I wanted to take time to think about it. Dr. Reznik candidly told me that if I left that day without having it done I would not return. My baby girls life would be one of extreme “pigeon toed” and she would not wear heels in her teenage years or adult hood and sports. Teasing was something to really thing about. Think about her, not my fear & anxiety. I agreed.

I left there with her casted from head to toe , no longer able to put her entire snowsuit on. This was her first Christmas and we were moving in 2 weeks! Her cast didn’t bother her at all. She crawled sliding across the floor. The process was never uncomfortable for her. Her feet straightened.

Janee’ had follow ups throughout the years and required custom made prosthetics in her shoes. She started soccer at age 5 and kept it going until her freshman year of Hamden High School. Some called her the gazelle on the field. She was a cheerleader, member of the dance club, roller skated, ice skated, loved to run and bicycle. Oh and she loved “shoes”!

She was an honor student at Hamden High School. Attended dances, home coming and the prom all on pretty little heels! She was the happy , smiling hostess at Hamden’s IHOP. At 16 3/4 she was killed in an auto accident as a passenger when the driver lost control attempting to read a text message. As difficult as this life is I have always been grateful to Dr. Reznik because I know he made a MAJOR difference in her life. She lived a very happy life and I know for a fact that Dr. Reznik’s contribution as a caring individual and doctor is priceless.

My Second First

Because of Janee' orthopedic care she could be a normal active child and teenager!


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