My treatment and recovery

On June 25, 2005, about six weeks prior to my sixtieth birthday I was riding my bicycle when suddenly I was face down. The next thing I remember was the sound of a helicopter that I was being placed in. I was airlifted to the trauma center closest to my home. My next remembrance was once again being put onto a helicopter. This is what happened.

I was hit by a truck while riding my bike. After spending a night at Longwood medical Center in Ft. Pierce, Florida it was determined that they did not have anyone on staff that could attend to my numerous injuries. I was then flown to Holmes Regional Medical Center where I was placed under the care of Dr. Daniel Segina.

Being placed in Dr. Segina’s care was the most fortunate thing that happened in my life. After examining me and reviewing all the available information Dr. Segina thoroughly discussed everything with my wife in a very caring, precise and clear manner. He assured her that I would be ok. My injuries included the following: broken ankle, crushed hip and completely dislocated hip joint, my pelvis was “shattered” in at least five places, bone shards were scattered my body, ribs were broken a lung was punctured, my shoulder was dislocated, I had a concussion and there was bleeding on my brain.

After recovering from surgery I met Dr. Segina. He exuded a total sense of competence, confidence and caring. From the moment I was the least bit aware I knew I was in the very best of hands, literally. Throughout my recovery period which included one month in a rehabilitation center and extensive physical therapy I saw Dr. Segina for follow up post op visits at his office, over one hundred miles from my home. Throughout this time Dr. Segina proved to be not only an extraordinary medical specialist but a kind, caring person. As a patient, I felt completely confident in everything he said and did. In closing I would like to say that participating in this is very cathartic for me, but most importantly I hope it will let the professional association with whom Dr. Segina is affiliated that he is truly a credit to the association and to the medical profession.

My Second First

Because of my orthopaedic care, I am able to live the very active lifestyle I have lived my entire life despite the severe trauma I experienced.


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