I was a career Army serviceman, now retired from government. I still try to stay in shape, walking a minimum of two miles a day. One day, in a major downpour I fell while walking, breaking my upper arm and collarbone. My orthopaedic specialist, to whom I was referred, had this to say about the three surgeries I faced: “The first rule of medicine is, ‘Do no harm’. The latest literature on such breaks says if the bones are less than .2 apart, then the procedure is….to wait and see if they grow together.’ Imagine my joy when his decision to wait and see, rather than surgeries, proved correct. Referred to orthopaedic recovery after the wait, I was gradually brought to a positive outlook by the care and professionalism of the orthopaedic physical trainers. Bravo to the wise doctors who referred me properly. Bravo to the sage decision to wait instead of conduct three surgeries, and cheers to the PT specialists who, through tender tenacity carried the day. I’m almost 95% recovered as a result.

My treatment and recovery

About four months and I was back to using my arm properly, but about six before I could use it most of the time.


Do the Physical Therapy, no matter how difficult and hard it seems.

My Second First

Move my arm.


Share your patient story. How did orthopaedic care help you?

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