I started having joint pain in my early 30’s. I did not know what it was. I went to several doctors complaining of groin pain. Finally a doctor took hip X-rays and diagnosed me having hip arthritis. The pain continued and got worse over the next years…and then my knees also started to bother me in my early 40’s…..by my 50’s I was in terrible pain and working retail sales at the time it was unbearable. At age 58, I was using crutches to help me get around. At that point I decided to have knee replacement first.

After my successful double knee replacement…I decided to do my hips as they were also bone on bone.

My surgeon and the hospital where I had my surgeries were so wonderful from surgery through to aftercare which was such a huge part of my excellent recovery.

My treatment and recovery

I had my bilateral knee replacement in 2013. I had a good recovery. First couple weeks is pretty tough, but every day I became stronger and had less pain. Prior to my knee replacement, I was using crutches as both knees were arthritic and bowed out and the pain was unbearable. Today I am walking, gardening, living my life free of any knee pain! It is really amazing! Although I still have arthritis in my body, not having the knee pain is such a blessing.

In 2014 I replaced my right hip…and in 2015 I replaced my left hip. I had The Anterior method of replacement with both hips and went home the next day after ..I had an amazing recovery with both hips! No pain at all after surgery and my new hips are AMAZING!


All I can say is that joint replacement today is so fantastic! It changes lives...it gives back your life free from pain and disability. It certainly has turned my life around.

My Second First

I can walk my two dogs now , where prior to surgery I could not walk just a few steps without terrible pain.


Share your patient story. How did orthopaedic care help you?

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