I was an R.N. for four years when I suddenly couldn’t walk. My left leg didn’t want to move. I called my son-in-law to take me to the E.R. I was told to see a back specialist as it looked on X-rays like my lower back was kicked in. I had a ruptured disc, L5-S1. I had Dr. Hoke for that surgery and was able to leave the hospital in 3 days, and resume working in 6 weeks. Then 8 years ago I was having knee pain, and I saw Dr. John Krebs, an orthopaedic surgeon and had surgery on one inner knee and then another. Finally, four years ago I had surgery on my back, this time a spinal fusion, by Dr.Mario Sertich, and I again was able to walk without pain. I live alone and have been retired for 15 years, and I would have had to be in a nursing facility if I couldn’t take care of myself. I’m active, and enjoying life every day.

My treatment and recovery

For the herniated disc and spinal fusion I had P.T. at the old E.M.H. Orthopedic Center on Rt.254 in Sheffield, Ohio. For the inner knee operations rehabbed at Elyria Center located on Abbey Rd. with Dr. Mario Sertich’s office. I followed instructions of the therapists and was able to discontinue therapy in 6 weeks. It was challenging, but rewarding when I could completely do everything I needed to do after the therapy.


Obey the doctor's instructions,and work hard in therapy. The struggle you do now will pay off in the future. Also walk daily and get enough sleep. I got a rescue dog to make me walk more, and it also helped with keeping my weight steady. Your health is vital.!

My Second First

I can walk, exercise, plant my garden, cook and clean house.! I even was hired at age 76 for a nursing job for three months!


Share your patient story. How did orthopaedic care help you?

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