I have had arthritis in several areas of my body for at least 15 years and I’ve always been a very fit and athletically active individual.

In 2011 I discovered ballroom dancing and found something that truly spoke to my soul.

In 2014, cause unknown, I tore the labrum in my left hip. Due to the pain and physical limitations I had, I participated in physical therapy for 8 months. Rehab from that repair was mediocre at best. As time progressed my muscle strength began to decrease, discomfort increased and much of the physical limitations returned. It became difficult for me to walk to our rural mailbox and the thought of weekly grocery shopping caused me to pass this responsibility on to my husband I couldn’t make it through the store without hanging on the cart and it HURT.

I did continue in physical therapy and in August 2015 simple X-rays were done on both my hips, revealing that both had gone from moderate arthritis to bone on bone in a very short length of time. Both of my hips would need replacing. I was crushed as I began to understand I might never dance as I had BEFORE!!!!!!

In September 2015 and November 2015, I had each hip replaced and continued in physical therapy until May 2016…..I WAS GOING TO DANCE AGAIN AS I HAD BEFORE.
The most amazing part for me was that following surgery, the day of surgery, with the aid of my walker, I was able to walk a complete lap around the orthopaedic floor without any pain. Three days later when I returned home, with the aid of my walker, I walked around our block (1/2 mile)…again without pain.

I returned to ballroom dancing in March of 2016 and competed again in May 2016.
Thanks to my new hips, my soul is dancing with me these days and that is the plan for many more years.


2. continue physical therapy
3. remain as active as you can
4. remember the TINY progress you make each day

My Second First

I can sit cross legged in the indian position again
I can walk without pain to the mailbox
I am not HANGING on to the grocery cart any longer


Share your patient story. How did orthopaedic care help you?

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