I was a professional dancer until my early thirties, and then a martial arts practitioner, primarily of Aikido. I became a Rolfer/Structural Integration Practitioner in 1985 and am still doing that highly physical form of work.

I had a lumbar fusion by Dr. Darryl Antonacci, but my current back doctor is Dr. Afshin Razi.

I also had the following:

  • An ACL replacement in 1988 (I don’t remember the surgeon’s name)
  • Two rotator cuff repairs and both hips replacements by Michael Alexiades
  • A cervical fusion after a car accident

With the exception of the knee surgery, which was the result of a gymnastic accident. All the other surgeries were from arthritic deterioration.

My treatment and recovery

Each situation was different, but by following my doctor’s orders and doing careful physical therapy, including acupuncture and other modalities, I was always able to go back to my desired activities except for high impact ones. After my hip replacements and spinal fusion it took me about a year before I was able to start dancing.


Find a doctor who is sympathetic to you wanting to be as active as possible and follow their advice and do physical therapy diligently

My Second First

I can dance, row a rowboat, kayak, garden and do my work. I can lift fairly heavy things and I can almost do a split!


Share your patient story. How did orthopaedic care help you?

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