My treatment and recovery

After twenty-three years of turning my ankle, I finally underwent ankle surgery in the fall of 2013. Dr. Alexandra Page was my surgeon. Eight months to the day after ankle surgery, I not only made it to the start of the Boston Marathon, I crossed the finish line. I could not have accomplished this feat without Dr. Page’s attentiveness, expertise, and compassion. My husband and I stayed at the Hyatt Regency in Cambridge, and it didn’t escape me that she attended both M.I.T. and Harvard– and thus, we completed a full circle: Dr. Page’s patient in her stomping grounds, partaking in the race of a lifetime. This year’s Boston Marathon was more than just a race: it was paying tribute to victims and their families, reclaiming the race for the city of Boston (and it turns out for America with Meb’s win), it was coming back from a serious injury to rise and push myself once again, and it was showing my students what it means to set your heart and mind on something and see it through. This journey was possible because of Dr. Page, and I will always be grateful for her care.

My Second First

After undergoing ankle surgery, eight months later, I was able to race in and complete this year's much highly-anticipated Boston Marathon.


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