I am a 38 year old female survivor of Slipped Capital Femoral Epiphysis, suffering 26 years of debilitating unimaginable pain. I am the mother to five special needs kids. My hips and legs have to walk run and do other things even when they don’t want to. So you get to a point where you cant live with the pain any longer, due to job demands or continual bad weather and get up the courage to go to an orthopedist. Then the orthopedist that you have done your homework on and selected, who before even talking to you looks at your x-ray and patient history, says I’m sorry I cant help you, you will have to live in pain. You have hope of some sort of relief and in a matter on minutes its crushed. I have had so many experiences over the years like this that are too numerous to count. This is what made me skeptical that any doctor at all could help. You are made to feel you are beyond hope. When you have orthopedic surgery as a kid, as an adult no doctor will touch you. This is due to the possible complexity of issues that can develop over time. I got to the point I could no longer walk due to every step causing sharp groin pain. My pain had changed from dull and nagging to sharp and unbearable. What I used to barely get by doing, I could no longer do. I had no quality of life. Not that I had much before, because the chronic pain you suffer from affects not just you but your kids, your marriage, where you can go, and what you can do as a family. You all learn to accept it because it becomes a part of life. That’s just the way it is. You and your family tell yourselves this, so you accept it and move on.

I didn’t expect much when I walked in to Dr. Hakim’s office. He took one look at the x-ray and said I can see several issues. He ordered an MRI with contrast to make sure. I walked out of his office that day stunned, thinking I have real hope. He is the first doctor who not only looked at the x-ray, but found something from just the x-ray. After 26 years of living in agonizing non-stop pain, I finally have a real shot. It was one of the best days of my life. This may sound corny or over the top, but when you live day in and day out with chronic pain since the age of 12, it’s not over the top.

From the MRI Dr. Hakim discovered I had a labral tear and impingement. He did an arthroscopic surgery of my left hip and also found arthritis. It’s not very often that you come across a doctor like Dr. Hakim who is highly intelligent and skilled in his profession, but is also compassionate, caring, and fun. I truly felt he was vested in my surgery because he felt successful if I felt better and had a better quality of life. He did a wonderful job, answered all my questions, and scheduled extra time for the surgery because he knew that it would take extra time and he didn’t want to rush. Dr. Hakim was very thorough and caring and concerned about how I was healing, my pain, and how I was doing. He was open and honest about the procedure, that it wouldn’t solve the arthritis pain, but it would alleviate the other pain. He also explained that this was not an overnight process. It would take 3 or 4 months and physical therapy before I saw results. Dr. Hakim was so amazing and caring that 3 months later, as soon as my insurance would allow, I got the exact same procedure done on my right hip and I bounced back even quicker. If you are suffering from Slipped Capital Femoral Epiphysis in any way and have lost hope, find it. Don’t waste any more of your precious time and go see Dr. Hakim. He is the doctor you want. Hands down he is simply the best.

My treatment and recovery

After 1 month I started physical therapy and slowly regained strength. The things I noticed before the right hip surgery, when I had a good hip to compare to the bad hip, were amazing. I could sit in hard chairs for lengths of time and my hip and leg wouldn’t hurt. I could also stand for lengths of time and it wouldn’t aggravate my good hip.
By the end of physical therapy I was bench-pressing weights with my legs. I was also cleaning, walking, and moving with ease and no pain when I slept. The surgery improved my life so drastically and I had full results in 4 months. Just as Dr. Hakim stated, I still have arthritis pain but only when the weather acts, but the overall decrease in pain is amazing. That’s why I went back as soon as I could and got the procedure done on my right hip. I am eager to get my life back. Much appreciation and thanks to Dr. Hakim and his staff.


Don't give up. Go see Dr. Hakim. I liked that he was honest about the procedure and I knew what to expect going in.

My Second First

Because of my orthopaedic care I have my life back and that makes it worth it. My pain doesn't control my life any more; I do, and I have wanted that for so long and I have it. Don't hesitate, because you don't want to be rested for 1 month and do physical therapy and have to rest to save your strength for physical therapy. The first surgery was hard. But recovery went quickly and little by little I saw that Dr. Hakim and my physical therapists were right . Doing exercises are key, a pain, but so important to success.


Share your patient story. How did orthopaedic care help you?

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